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Gun Laws in Phoenix Arizona

Gun laws are a hot topic for many as the constitutional right to bear arms have come under fire by current federal administration. States still retain much of the say when it comes to gun legislation. Phoenix and Arizona in general, tend to have very relaxed gun laws in comparison to other states within the U.S.

Phoenix does not require a state permit to purchase firearms as long as the citizen is law abiding, has no prior dangerous offenses, and is at legal majority age. Only partial firearm registration is required under state law ARS 13-3101 B, which meets the requirements and standards set forth in the National Firearms Act. The statute simply outlines definitions, as well as prohibited possessor and other arsenal including but not limited to grenades, bombs, etc. There also are no magazine capacity limits within Phoenix or the state of Arizona. A license is also not a requirement within the state at this time for legal aged non-felons. If you are unsure of current laws connect us for online legal advice.

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Phoenix as well as other communities in Arizona do not demand concealed weapon permits under statutes ARS 13-3112 and ARS 13-3102. According to state legislation any citizen in good standing over the age the of 21 legally can carry a concealed weapon without a specific permit. This law is outstanding throughout the state with the exception of specific locations where concealed weapons are not permitted. While a concealed weapon permit is not necessary within Phoenix or Arizona in general, retaining a concealed weapon permit has added security and value when traveling to other states with more stringent gun laws.

Arizona also highly supports the right to bear arms and in section 13-3108 B they actually prohibit any political entity within the realm of the state from enacting laws that would limit the ability of law abiding citizens to possess fire arms. Open carry is also permitted without a permit to legal aged, mentally sound citizens.

Under ARS 13-3101 there are no National Firearms Act restrictions as long as automatic weapons, sounds suppressors, and other implements are registered with the NFA and in accordance with the law. Peaceable journey laws follow those standards ascertained by federal law.

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While the basic laws are outlined throughout, it is essential that citizens of Phoenix or of Arizona in general, speak with officials on the topic to ensure a complete understanding of gun laws and legislation if residing in the area. It is essential to have a thorough understanding of up to day gun laws to ensure personal rights and privileges are protected, as well as the constitutional right to bear arms.